Friday, April 13, 2012

More than I can chew....

I will post shortly about eating in mud season. I've just been outrageously busy.
I've formatted How to Fix a an e-book: it's currently available from Smashwords and will soon be available from ibooks and Amazon as well. I'm formatting a special California edition too.
I'm also working on a grant proposal for the Culinary Historians.

Right now I am in a Buddhist monastery preparing the kitchen garden and more importantly the kitchen to receive our precious teacher who is recovering from a stroke and needs lots of TLC.
And really right now, as in two minutes ago, I got word that my other book, Veggiyana, the Dharma of Cooking, just won a Silver medal in the food category of the independent book awards known as Nautilus.

When I am finished here, I will be heading to Ulan Baator, Mongolia, by invitation, to help revive a struggling vegetarian cafe.

But I will catch up to all the market news and don'ts.
For now think root toot toot: onions! Onion pizzas, onion soup, baked stuffed onions.

Thank you for your patience.